Improve your SEO ranking by using the right hashtags on Facebook

Improve your SEO ranking by using the right hashtags on Facebook

“Yeah, right”, you are saying, this is probably just another blog spin. How would posting the right hashtags on Facebook could improve my website SEO? It may sound like nonsense, but actually this is a very advanced SEO technique that will pay you back with good traffic.

The methodology we are going to examine here is very advanced, it is advanced because we are going to follow several algorithms and show the link between them to improve your Google ranking.

Please follow our line of thought and see what is going to be achieved:

  • Google is, or could be, indexing social media. You must understand this point when you post on social media: whatever you post in social media and is defined as “public”, is indexed by Google and by other search engines
  • Hashtags are indexed like any other word. It means that if you use in your public post a hashtag, once the search engines reach it, they index, and rank it, like any other keyword
  • Popular keywords are getting higher ranking in search engines. This is an almost an obvious claim that other SEO methodologies has been obscuring. If you use the right keywords, your ranking will be higher.
  • The obvious conclusion is, that if you use the most popular hashtags on your social media posts that link to your website, your SEO ranking will be higher.


You can think about it, as it is like linking a very popular blog, to your website. Lets follow the process how it could be done.

First, download a social media trends tool, like TagPredict. It is free and very easy to install if you use Google Chrome.

Then, choose the Social Media website you are going to post on. Lets say, for the sake of our example, that you want to post on Facebook. Go on Facebook, wait for the page to download, and then click the TagPredict extension button. You will get this pop up window, which shows you the current social media trends on Facebook:

The hashtags list on that window is built so the top popular trending hashtags now, on Facebook, are the ones showed in the window. You can choose any of those that you want, and add them to your post. Do not forget to:

  • Make sure the post has public view permissions:
  • Make sure you link to the site you want to optimize (SEO), like you see below:



Click “post” and you are ready to go!

We found more details at the TagPredict blog, we especially recommend to refer to the technical details at the blog in the article “how tagpredict can help with social media marketing”.


Any questions please comment below, thanks!

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