How to browse global hashtags analytics

How to browse global hashtags analytics

Marketing professionals are looking for trends. If you know the trends, you know how to set your tactic plans. There are lots of online tools for understanding the global trends. “Google Trends”, for example, is giving us an overlook of trending website pages – stories, categories etc.


Issue with Google Trends is, that it is looking at what people search, and at what the “big brother” (news, popular sites) are providing. It won’t help you to understand the wisdom of the crowd. Wisdom of the crowd is in social media.

So what about social media trends? How can we know what are the current social media trends?

Twitter is trying to pin point this with the “trending hashtags” tab:


 Issue is, that Twitter is only one out of many other social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… how can we know the global trends, not only the Twitter trends?

One option is this cool add-on (Chrome Extension) that shows you the global trends as you browse the internet. It is called “TagPredict” – and is a clever way to manage social media trends. The installation of this free tool is very easy and one with the Google Webstore. TagPredict also run a blog for SEO tricks, tips, social media marketing, and other ideas.

Once you install this social media trends tool, you get get full hashtag search and hashtag analytics on demand. It looks like this:


The search options are wide – you can have free search for hashtags, as you can see here:

The tool is fast and reliable. We highly recommend to download it.

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