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Improve your SEO ranking by using the right hashtags on Facebook

Improve your SEO ranking by using the right hashtags on Facebook

“Yeah, right”, you are saying, this is probably just another blog spin. How would posting the right hashtags on Facebook could improve my website SEO? It may sound like nonsense, but actually this is a very advanced SEO technique that will pay you back with good traffic.

The methodology we are going to examine here is very advanced, it is advanced because we are going to follow several algorithms and show the link between them to improve your Google ranking.

Please follow our line of thought and see what is going to be achieved:

  • Google is, or could be, indexing social media. You must understand this point when you post on social media: whatever you post in social media and is defined as “public”, is indexed by Google and by other search engines
  • Hashtags are indexed like any other word. It means that if you use in your public post
A Guide to Ordering Your Zippers from Zipper Shipper

A Guide to Ordering Your Zippers from Zipper Shipper

When you are making an order for your zippers from Zipper Shipper, you will need to be specific on the kind of zippers and other accessories that you want.  You can make an order for bulk zippers at All you will have to do is fill the order form and specify the quantity of the zippers that you require.

We stock various types of zippers and these are categorized by zipper teeth, the gauge of the zippers, separating or closed end zippers, one-way or two-way zippers and so on. We also stock various colors and sizes of the zippers. You can also buy sleeping bag blazer buttons at! These will definitely be heavy duty zippers and as such, you have to be sure of the right gauge of the zipper you want to make an order for.

The heavy duty zippers from zippershipper are suitable for all …

How to browse global hashtags analytics

How to browse global hashtags analytics

Marketing professionals are looking for trends. If you know the trends, you know how to set your tactic plans. There are lots of online tools for understanding the global trends. “Google Trends”, for example, is giving us an overlook of trending website pages – stories, categories etc.


Issue with Google Trends is, that it is looking at what people search, and at what the “big brother” (news, popular sites) are providing. It won’t help you to understand the wisdom of the crowd. Wisdom of the crowd is in social media.

So what about social media trends? How can we know what are the current social media trends?

Twitter is trying to pin point this with the “trending hashtags” tab:


 Issue is, that Twitter is only one out of many other social media sites: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube… how can we know the global trends, not only the Twitter trends?

One option …

Providers For Temporary Internet Service at Events

Providers For Temporary Internet Service at Events

For event organizers and exhibitors, being able to find a reliable temporary internet service provider at events is key. An event organizer might need to run 50+ events per year at various locations throughout USA. This requires careful planning and working with the highest quality vendors to ensure a hiccup free event.

As most people choose to stay connected throughout the events, it is one of the top priorities for the event organizers to provide temporary internet service at events at high speeds. Working with a third party vendor, you can not only cut down the costs of getting internet service for a large number of attendees, but also get a premium service at a fraction of the regular costs. You can get temporary internet service at events via Trade Show Internet, a third party temporary internet service provider focusing on trade shows, events, conferences etc. The company offers …